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Customer-friendly Company Programme

Customer-Friendly Company Programme is a research-certification programme aimed at assessing customer satisfaction and the probablity of their recommendation of your company.

Customer-Friendly Company is awarded by your Customers for high-quality cooperation, and is granted basing on the results of independent tests carried out by the organizer – Management Observatory Foundation. The trophy is awarded to the laureates for a period of 12 months. During this period, the laureates can display the trophy in all of their promotional and marketing materials.

Our nation-wide Customer-Friendly Company Programme is offered on the Polish market for over 12 years. Management Observatory Foundation is the organizer of the programme. MOF is a business environment institution dealing with entrepreneurship, deployment of innovation, and economics education of society and business. More at www.obserwatorium.pl.


Considering the dynamics of economic changes in Poland and throughout the European Union, Management Observatory Foundation is currently developing the Programme for international business.

By utilising the findings of European Commission study „Monitoring the Consumer Markets in the European Union”, we are supporting Polish companies in building their presence in the international markets, and provide them with information about customer expectations and behaviour in their individual industries. Thus, companies can take a look at their business from both the Polish and the European perspectives.

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Customer satisfaction survey

The basis for the Customer-Friendly Company Programme certification process is a study of customer experience and satisfaction. This survey is carried out using a standardized questionnaire seeking five areas:

  • Customer loyalty (NPS)

  • Overall customer satisfaction

  • Service quality assessment

  • Meeting customer needs and expectations

  • Customer confidence of your company and brand

Customer-Friendly Company Questionnaire is individually tailored to the specific activities of your Company.The appropriate methodology is selected according to the specific types of channels of your customer reach. Sample size is defined individually for each company as well, and depends on i.e. the number of your company’s customers, channels of customer reach, and optionally on additional research purposes (in particular comparative analysis of your company’s customer segments.

Customer-Friendly Company Index is calculated basing on all available research in selected areas. Customer-Friendly Company Logo is awarded if the following conditions are met:
– The overall index score is at least 85% positive rankings
– Positive ranking in each of the analysed areas is at least 80%

The final decision to award the logo is taken by the Organiser and the Customer-Friendly Programme Council.

In case the Customer-Friendly Company logo cannot be awarded to your company, an in-depth qualitative analysis is conducted, aiming to understand the issues and to identify the areas for improvement.

Overall customer satisfaction
Service quality assessment
Satisfying customer needs and expectations
Customer loyalty (NPS)
Customer confidence of your company and brand

The logo is awarded to companies if an independent satisfaction survey
results in at least 80% in each surveyed area,
and at least 85% in CFC cumulative index.

Your benefits

Recognition of Customer-Friendly Company Logo

Customer-Friendly Company logo is the most recognized award in the field of customer satisfaction.

Putting Customer-Friendly Company logo in advertising materials is understandable for 6.8 million people in Poland.

People in Poland are far more likely to choose companies with a Customer-Friendly Company logo.

The logo strongly appeals to the young, well-educated people in managerial positions, and thus to a group with the best purchasing power.

Data collection by Norstat Poland using CAWI on sample size=1002. (2014)

Examples of Customer-Friendly Company Logo usage

Participation cost

The costs of participation in Customer-Friendly Company Programme depend on specific factors of your Company, including size, number and diversity of customers, as well as channels of customer reach. The data collected is used to determine necessary sample size and specific methodology of our research.

We also provide dedicated versions of the questionnaires on request. These can be used to extend the study to other fields of interest, which were not addressed during the certification process.

Cost evaluation includes expenses that are directly associated with carrying out the research study, and the Customer-Friendly Company Logo is granted free of charge.


The history of CFC Programme

The Customer-Friendly Company Programme is being conducted by Management Observatory Foundation since may 2008, when all rights and obligations associated with the Programme were taken over from Management Institute.

Companies that have joined the Customer-Friendly Company Programme represent various fields and industries, i.e. government, education, finance, information technology, automotive and logistics, from different sectors (public, private, B2B, B2C), as well as from different types of companies (service, manufacturing, retail, non-profit).

Throughout past 10 years, due to changes in global and local economy, as well as changes in companies’ customer service and care policies, the Customer-Friendly Company Programme methods and contents have changed several times. This assures that the Programme is effective in verifiying customer satisfaction levels and certified companies’ quality of service.


This year’s CFC recipients


„We’ve decided to participate in the programme, because its whole research process is very reliable. These activities greatly complement the control processes of service standards verification.”
Rafał Mrozowski, Marketing Specialist, Mondial Assistance
„As a multiple recipient of the Programme, we can say with full responsibility that the actions of the Programme actually result in tangible benefits, while supporting the processes within our company.”
Tomasz Piętka, CCO, ECO S.A.

Programme Partners